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W1TAG / WD2XES / WE2XGR/3    John K. Andrews   Holden, MA FN42ch   [ w1tag@charter.net ]
42D 19M 12S North -- 71D 49M 43S West

Information About WD2XES and WE2XGR/3

WD2XES is licensed as an Experimental Station under Part 5 of the FCC Rules. Since the grant of the license in March, 2004, the station has been used to study LF antenna design, propagation and communication modes. Signals from WD2XES have been copied as far away as Russia. A mixture of 1-way (beacon) and 2-way communications have been used, and the methods and results are summarized below.

WE2XGR/3 is also an FCC-licensed Experimental station, the result of a group application by Warren Ziegler, K2ORS. With operation authorized in the 505-515 kHz range, the emphasis will be on two-way communication.

Operational Stuff
WD2XES Background
WD2XES Operating Log
WD2XES 2-Way QSO's
WD2XES First Receptions
WD2XES License
WE2XGR License
WD2XES 1340 mile WOLF 2-way QSO with WD2XDW

Equipment and Projects
WD2XES Antenna System
WD2XES LF Exciter
WD2XES Power Amplifier
WE2XGR/3 SSB Exciter
WD2XES LF 5 Watt Power Amplifier
W1TAG LF Receiving Loop
TAG Lowfer 1 Watt Power Amplifier