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W1TAG / WD2XES    John K. Andrews   Holden, MA FN42ch   [ w1tag@charter.net ]

On-Line Screen "Grabbers"

It's very useful to see who's on the air and how good their signals are in various locations. The sites below offer near real-time screen shots of DSP-based programs displaying signals within certain frequency ranges. In some cases, the results are archived, and in others, you have to watch the live action. Some of the sites are full-time, others work at specific hours or under good band conditions. The operators deserve our thanks for this valuable service.

Steve Dove, W3EEE (Presently inactive)
Gary Taylor, G4WGT
Markus Vester, DF6NM
DK7FC LF Grabber
Jean-Pierre Mere, F1AFJ
Hartmut Wolff's Grabber
TF3HZ Iceland Grabber
4X1RF Haifa Grabber
4X1RF YO Grabber
YV7MAE Grabber
VE2IQ Grabber
Laurence Howell, KL7UK
U.S. 505 kHz Grabbers
N.E. Ohio Grabber
WSPRNET Spot Database
PSK Reporter
This site is not a real-time grabber, but has recent screen shots taken by the very skilled LF receiving enthusiast, Hartmut Wolff.