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W1TAG / WD2XES / WE2XGR/3    John K. Andrews   Holden, MA FN42ch   [ w1tag@charter.net ]

New at WD2XES / WE2XGR/3
Keyboard Modes for 600 Meters
Information and on-air tests of many keyboard-based modes that can be used on the 600 Meter band.
WE2XGR/3 SSB Exciter
A homebrew phasing-type SSB exciter for use with the various sound card digital modes in the 505-515 kHz band.
Low Frequency Field Strength Measurements
Want to prove your Effective Radiated Power? Have you made an antenna change and want to see what difference it made? Take your own field strength readings with properly calibrated equipment.
Operating Modes Used in Low Frequency Experimental Work
There's more to life at LF than CW! This article gives a brief description of the alternatives, and links to the programs used for transmitting and receiving them.
Now includes a chart comparing the times needed for a simple message.